Chaya - Karma Pro 2.0

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Chaya Karma Pro - the ultimative park roller skate

The Chaya Karma Pro sets a new standard for park and trick roller skating, both in look and performance. It truly is the first of its kind, a 'made for the park' skate built to withstand the highest jumps, longest grinds and most aggressive tricks in both the street and the park. The Karma Pro model has the addition of our asymmetrical grind block which will enable you to carry out new tricks that you've never before imagined yourself doing. The blocks can be set to both 'beginner' and 'advanced' settings, meaning you can change your set up as your skating style changes and improves. The Karma skate combines a great look with both comfort and performance. This sturdy and supportive yet extremely comfortable boot will upgrade your skating to a new level!