Ridge - Wide Trucks - 3.125"

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Introducing the Ridge 3.125" Aluminium Trucks in Silver, Black, White, Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Metallic Purple or Neochrome

A set of four sturdy aluminium 3.125" trucks to complement your skate set up. 

Choose from 9 bright shiny colours in standard silver, black, white, pink, light blue, green, yellow, orange or red.

They come with 90A super soft yellow bushings and yellow pivot cups. 

  • 3.125" High performance aluminium wheel trucks
  • 90A super soft yellow PU bushings
  • Pivot cups

We have found these trucks to be compatible* the following plates:

**Reactor Fuse, **Reactor Neo, **Reactor Pro, Avanti Aluminum, Rock plates, Sunlites, Thrust and Marvel

*some of these plates will require use of provided pivot cups and cushions. Additional cushions maybe needed to ensure trucks sit correctly. always ensure your pivots stem sit all the way into the pivot or truck may pop out.  Please call if you have any questions. 

 **These plates have very small and shallow pivot cups, if you are using these trucks in conjunction with a slide block you may need further modification to ensure trucks sit in pivot cups correctly.  Always ensure your pivots stem sit all the way into the pivot cup or truck may pop out. Please call if you have any questions. 

**These trucks are designed as skateboards, the manufacturer does not warranty these trucks for roller skate use. By purchasing this trucks you accept personal responsibility for your safety whilst using.