Triple8 SP Knee Gasket

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Great support for softer landings.

With its simple “soft pad” design, the SP Knee gasket can be worn alone or in conjunction with your knee pads. Either way, they’re comfortable, flexible and provide excellent knee support.

To ensure a perfect knee pad fit, measure circumference of extended knee and match to the sizes listed below:

S 12.5 – 14.5 in (32 – 36 cm)
M 14.5 – 16 in (36 – 40 cm)
L 16 – 17 in (40 – 44 cm)
XL 17 – 19.5 in (44 – 50 cm)

Provide excellent knee support and can be used in conjunction with your knee pads

  • Soft sleeve design provides great flexibility & comfort

  • Neoprene body lined with terry cloth for added comfort and sweat absorption

  • Velcro® tabs allow for attachment to knee pads to prevent slippage

  • EZ-Pull tabs help with pulling the SP on and off