Sizing Help

1. Measure Your Feet

You need a few things:

  • Socks
  • A tape measure with measurements starting at the beginning of the tape, without a gap (ideally, a fabric tape measure).
  • A wall (without moulding sticking out at the bottom)
  • A box

Step 1
Tape Measure
Lay the tape out with the zero starting at the wall.

Step 2
Step on the tape measure
Step on the tape with your socks. Measure the longest part of your foot.

Step 3
Add a box
Place a box just at your toes, put your weight on the foot you are measuring, lean slightly forward, and give your toes a wiggle (if the box nudges forward a little that's fine!).

Step 4
Remove your foot
Gently move your foot off of the tape measure. Take note of the length to the nearest 16th of an inch or the nearest mm.

You are now ready to use our sizing calculator! Select your range in millimeters in the down menu menu below. If you have a size that is outside of the range listed below book an appointment so we can discuss what size is best for you.

IMPORTANT Notes about Fit

  • Your skates will feel more snug than your street shoes! This gives you maximum performance and minimizes discomfort.
  • Ideally, your toes will lightly brush the front of the skates when laced up. To get a true idea of fit, you need to lace up your skates. Lacing your skates pulls your heel back into the heel cup, and gives you a true idea of how much room you have in the toe box.
  • Yes, your toes should really be touching the end of the toe box! This is to avoid the boots fitting too loose once broken in, and prevents blisters and discomfort in shins or calves. If you do not want a snug fit please adjust your size accordingly.
  • This is intended as a guide and put together using the measurements from the manufactures. Unfortunately we can not guarantee the sizing, we highly recommend visiting a physical store to be sized in person to ensure the best fitting skate. 

2. Select Your Brand and Size

Using the drop down menu below, please select the brand of skate or plate you are shopping for.

3. Shop For Skates!

Take note of your size, and start shopping!
If your size is out of range, please contact our customer service team for help finding your size.

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